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Who Is ProSuzy?

Her real name is Suzanne and she started the ProSuzy List to bring lesbians together in Tampa Bay and beyond. Suzanne is a ping pong Senior Gold Medalist. "I have a passion to bring people together if they are new to the area, newly out of a relationship, or just wanting to get out and have fun," she says. "My list offers events for anyone interested in meeting others and just having a good time."

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Since 2000, the "ProSuzy List" has opened up a whole new world for women all over the Tampa Bay area and beyond. Starting out with only 30 names, the List iis now well into the thousands and growing every day!

Many events are held outdoors: from the popular beach volleyball in Gulfport, FL, to kayaking, tennis, golf, biking and picnics. ProSuzy connects people to indoor events, too, like Happy Hours, concerts, plays, church activities, house parties, ping pong, bowling and dances.


"When I was young my dad changed jobs a lot and I hated having to try and find new friends every time we moved. ... My saving grace at that time was that I was very athletic. Once the boys would see me hit, kick or throw a ball I was always one of the first picks on a team. Now as an adult I've had to change how I meet new people. I can't just run up to them with a bat and ball and say, "do you want to play?"

At first, I would sit at a table somewhere, especially events where lesbians were, and wish that someone would come over to talk. As an experiment one day, I decided to take action. This was a hard process; I had to walk over to people and they might reject me. WOW!! All these negatives going on in my head. You ask why I made this choice? Because I was just getting tired of not knowing anyone, sitting and waiting. I wanted to do things and go places, sometimes with other women.

"Eventually I wondered how many other women are sitting and waiting, thinking the same thoughts? These women I have named WSWFSTA (women sitters waiting for someone to approach). In my experiment I became a WOTM (woman on the move). Surprise! Just to let you know it is OK to be a WOTM, it works. Most often the women you approach will be hoping someone will come by to engage them in conversation. I have found WSWFSTA to be wonderful, delightful women, just needing that special WOTM to come by." So to help all the WSWFSTA's and make it easier for the WOTM's in the community, Suzanne first started the ProSuzy List. Later she started her own company, Gay & Lesbian 4 Minute Dating.

So ... whether you are a WSWFSTA or a WOTM, join the ProSuzy List now!